Outdoor Sofa Set

Just any patio sofa set or outdoor sofa is not adequate enough to satisfy your needs in an outdoor sofa set. In order to be completely happy with your new sofa set, you have to find one that fits the style you're looking for and the functions that you need!

The most popular type of outdoor furniture are wicker outdoor sofa sets and outdoor sectional sofa sets because they provide you with the option of creating a look that fits your style. With an outdoor sectional sofa set, you can choose from middle sections and corner sections, along with ottomans and armchairs to make your own sectional set - whether you prefer a tight-knit living set or a more spread out one, you can arrange the sectionals any which way you like!

Our outdoor sofa sets and patio sofa sets will show you just how luxurious outdoor seating has become. Our polyethylene and polyurethane wicker do not peel, fade, or warp in any kind of furniture. While rattan looks great in the store or in pictures, they pale in comparison to the beauty and glossiness of wicker. Innovative technology has created weather resistant wicker for you that you'll be able to enjoy for years to come.

If you like the beauty of metal, then perhaps an aluminum patio sofa set is more your style. These outdoor sofas and outdoor sets are built for a lifetime of outdoor weather year round and are completely resistant to rusting, molding or fading. Forget all the worries of high maintenance outdoor furniture, and begin to relax and love your outdoor space in the summer, and even year round!

Say goodbye to bleak furniture and say hello to teak furniture! If you find wicker drab and aluminum far from fab, then perhaps teak is right for you. With teak furniture, it feels like an extension of your indoor home. Teak combines beauty, comfort, and style of indoor living with the durability and strength you need in outdoor furniture. Teak patio sofa sets and outdoor sofa sets work great for those looking for a visually stunning outdoor space!

Whether you're looking for an entirely new outdoor sectional sofa set or just adding to your old outdoor set with an outdoor sofa, we have something for everyone here at OutdoorSofa.com. Come on in and browse through our collection of outdoor sofas and outdoor sofa sets - and perhaps find that sofa set that's right for you!

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Best Selling Sofa Sets

3 Pc. Monaco Wicker Sofa Set

Our Price:  $1799.00

Market Price: $2499.00 save28%

3-Pc + Urbana Sofa Set

Our Price:  $1999.00

Market Price: $1999.00 save 25%

8-Pc Luxe Urbana Sectional Set

Our Price:  $3299.00

Market Price: $3299.00 save 25%

5 Pc. Hampton Bench Dining Set

Our Price:  $1999.00

Market Price: $2199.00 save 9%